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Nail salon which could enjoy fashion opened while valuing place of customer nail to well-established hotel "Sapporo Grand Hotel" on behalf of north Daichi.

It is located in Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi and it is within walking distance of both Sapporo Station and Odori Station stations, and convenience is good and introduces system which is material of high quality, nail specialist having high technique of the nail specialist official approval first grade holder, cheerfulness accounts different from again conventional system into many of you to be able to enjoy nail and is nail salon which enjoying fashion of nail is easy to use.

Before interval of sightseeing in Odori, around Sapporo and Susukino, meal with friend, how about aroma depending on fragrant luxury salon for return of work before date?

We prepare for various menus which we put together in needs of customer using "Cal gel" damaging ground nail to neither base nor KOLOR and have various menus which can enjoy nail in done on account of the work only for a short term.

In addition, we use luster and durable good gel for top gel and choose gel with strength when we start length with gel and answer various requests.

In sarondoneirusapporo, we polish gel nail lasting a long time with luster in the main constituent (manu Kia) and help to brighten hand of customer let alone correspondence, bridal on reckoning nail in all scenes.

Reservation reference

TEL 011-206-4536

Email:info@salon-de-nail-sapporo .com

During Sapporo Station and Odori Station, there is "Sapporo Grand Hotel entrance" in walk space under the ground.

What is Cal gel which is kind to nail?

Next-generation nail ... which is kind to ... nail

Cal gel is reliable product loved in the world more than 20 years. We apply gel composed primarily of gel-formed synthetic resin to nail and are fashion of new nail to rigidify with UV lamp afterwards.

Because breathability is good, and least gel of mold and allergic worry can provide length without color development being good, and damaging ground nail, we have been supported by many customers.

In sarondoneirusapporo, we use Cal gel with giving first priority to protection of place of customer nail.

Characteristic of Cal gel

●We do not damage ground nail
There is work (bafingu) to reduce appearance of ground nail as preliminary arrangement before fixing gel, but damage to ground nail is minimized as Cal gel minimizes this bafingu, and it is not necessary to use medicine again.

Cal gel such as manicure and lye lyric poem nail as do not smell special, surgical operation is undergone comfortably.

●Last a long time
Cal gel has good fixation to nail, and the feature is that we last a long time very much.
Economical at all for customer in what there are individual differences, but 3 has for four weeks on the average.
We are supported to housewives using hand by housework well.

●Simple off
There is worry injuring ground nail that conventional gel nail is not dipped into solution and to sharpen and tear off. We can easily drop Cal gel with exclusive solution safely.
We can drop at home if you can purchase exclusive solution selling in our salon.

●Worry of mold
Cal gel comprises gas permanent bal system which does not disturb transpiration campaign of nail.  As water may not collect between nail and gel, we do not have to worry about mold.
This is splendid characteristic that only Cal gel has in a certain a lot of gel nails.

In Sapporo-shi, nail salons using Cal gel are very few. All of you experience Cal gel in "sarondoneirusapporo", too, and how? You can enjoy gel nail once for three weeks when you have you attach. We use parking lot from walk space under the ground from Odori Station, Sapporo Station, and coming by car is possible, too.

Basic design of one color of coating becomes 5,890 yen ...

Flat rate bridal nail, reckoning nail custom tailoring 

Nail specialist with high technique operates for bridal nail in "sarondoneirusapporo".
Nail touching art (3D) of three-dimensional rose and ribbon is popular among the third fingers having classic French print, wedding ring on pearl white that is popular among bridal KOLOR and pink base with bridal nail.
We put special 1st when woman shines most in the life together in design of dress and improve to finger-tip.

As you have a lot of samples of wedding nail, would you like to come to see once? Please drop in at choice and others return that came out with dress from Odori Station, Sapporo Station for several minutes on foot. To race of dress; can let design.

Please choose among favorite flat rate wedding nail course (10,000 yen ...)

(as we sell custom-made reckoning nail and off kit which can remove gel nail by yourself, it is in salon which can use nail regularly in enjoyed only on the day of the wedding ceremony)

Protection of ground nail

We choose solvent to use with giving first priority to protection of ground nail to have customer enjoy nail in the long term in "sarondoneirusapporo". We operate by not painting nail with tip and conspiracy (adhesive) directly, and catching gel between when we make the length of the nail let alone gel of coloring while protecting ground nail. Therefore, without ground nail becoming extremely thin and worry such as crazing, mold, you came to be able to enjoy nail to customer in the long term. There is not strength than surgical operation called sculpture and gets to thought and others, but length soup stock that we use gel by, actually, expert engineer can make extreme nail which there is not at all of trouble with normal life.

In addition, in "sarondoneirusapporo," we sell "off kit" for people who want to remove gel nail at home in various places enjoying gel nail only for a short term. We let you explain removal method and hold. Please feel free to contact.

You use walk space under the ground from subway Odori Station, Sapporo Station, and come to the second floor by elevator which there is in mouth for exclusive use of Sapporo Grand Hotel of the eighth doorway side.

Good location where is immediate from Odori Station, Sapporo Station

"sarondoneirusapporo" opened in the second floor of "Sapporo Grand Hotel" located in center of Sapporo.

You can use for business and sightseeing without using umbrella on rainy day by using convenience, walk space linking Odori Station, Sapporo Station again under the ground.

Return of work and shopping is going to eat and puts together, and please use.

Reservation inquiry

TEL 011-206-4536

Email:info@salon-de-nail-sapporo .com

〒060-0001 4, Kita-1-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Sapporo Grand Hotel 2F ground arcade
TEL: 011-206-4536/ reservation system

●Subway in the case of the use

Subway Namboku Line, Toho Line: Getting off at Sapporo Station
Please go on ground from the exit tenth (escalator nothing) in a 10-minute walk. There is Sapporo Grand Hotel on right hand side at Kita-2-jo when we will walk to Odori direction for approximately three minutes.
In the case of the use, you can use mouth for exclusive use of Sapporo Grand Hotel of the eighth doorway side between the walk sky under the ground.

Subway Namboku Line, Tozai Line: Getting off at Odori Station
Please go on ground from the subway Odori Station exit fifth in a 5-minute walk. There is Sapporo Grand Hotel on left hand side when we will advance to Sapporo Station direction.
In the case of the use, you can use mouth for exclusive use of Sapporo Grand Hotel of the eighth doorway side between the walk sky under the ground.

●Business hours
Monday rest every month third for from 10:00 to 20:00

JNEC nail specialist official approval first grade, nail salon hygiene management person 

Nail specialist of sarondoneirusapporo is qualification maintainer of "nail specialist official approval first grade" "nail salon hygiene management person".

We offer reliable high quality service to customer by security.

Reliable guarantor

When I hear from within one week including surgical operation day when float and detachment of Cal gel occur in sarondoneirusapporo, I repair free.

In our salon, we offer relief, technique that you can understand, but free, float of Cal gel does rectification targeting at customers that notification can come in charge store for less than one week including technique day by any chance when scree occurs.

※The following cases should be "the target outside" of free rectification.
◯When color taste, change of design are hoped for
◯When service is received after our engineer tells about being in a state that Cal gel is easy to be removed from state or living environment of nail of customer very much in counseling before technique and customer was understood