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2011/10/25 Tuesday 12:35 p.m.

Do you not make reckoning nail only for visitor with custom tailoring?

In sarondoneirusapporo, we heard reckoning nail of "custom tailoring" to visitor use who cannot usually have nail. As make to form of nail of each visitor, and color, design use solvent same as all normal gel surgical operation; of popularity the finish nature which there is not of sense of incongruity. We put in "adhesive" and set for exclusive use of reckoning nail of professional specifications, the white box for preservation and hand. Rate adds box charges (550 yen), adhesive charges (700 yen) to normal gel nail rate.

2011/10/25 Tuesday 12:30 p.m.

There was thing which matched small me of nail by reckoning nail which matched design of dress well.

As dress used rose for lace, bouquet of rose, we wanted to add design of rose to nail and were looking. Commercial thing did not have correct thing and had you see photograph of dress in sarondoneirusapporo and had nail touch design of rose same as dress. As nail was small, it was great to usually paint with manu Kia, but we were accompanied by custom-made reckoning nail well and were correct in design of dress. Memory could save all the time and was very popular with friends.

2011/10/25 Tuesday 12:06 p.m.

As we performed wedding ceremony of nail only on the day, was accompanied and decided on nail, but we were produced on the day, and it was to uneasiness, but we did not have to worry at all!

Nail was only the day of the wedding ceremony in one which worked of medical system. We looked at commercial reckoning nail in various ways, but it was attached again and was produced with adhesive to have on the day and was uneasy with ... without form being too big, and there being on one's nail by all means. As he/she made custom-made reckoning nail which we made with sarondoneirusapporo to size of nail one by one in total, it was correct on one's nail well. Besides, as it was adhesive of professional specifications, nail was accompanied well and we did not have to worry on the day and were able to spend. As we chose simple design, it seems to be usable at another opportunity.